Changes to NQT Manager

Updated 09/06/21

New information in bold below.

Please find below a summary of the changes we will be making to NQT Manager to ensure it remains compliant with the statutory guidance after September 2021.  All changes are applicable to both Standard and Premium packages unless stated.  If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact Marie Stack (


Name Change

The system will change name to ECT Manager and where it currently refers to NQTs it will refer to ECTs. We will be making changes to the system in a staged process, prioritising what functionality is required and when.  We will not simply be releasing a whole new site in one go.  The actual name change and reference to ECTs rather than NQTs will happen much nearer September.  For a while there will be a mix of terminology used on the system.  Even when the name changes your NQT Manager webaddress will be re-directed to the new ECT Manager webaddress so your schools will be able to find it without any problems, please continue to communicate and use the NQT Manager webaddress until we have moved across to the new site.            


ECTs completing one year induction

We will set up the system to enable those ECTs who have started their induction prior to September 2021 to complete the one year induction.  All those starting in September 2021 will follow the new two-year induction. 


There will be a method where the AB can switch the ECT from one to the other if an individual situation arises where this is required.  This feature is coming soon!


Registration Form

Changes have now been made to the registration process - please find the relevant information here  

There will be an alert/count in the dashboard for those who have selected Core or School-based so you are made aware who needs to complete a fidelity check form.  This feature is coming soon!  


TRA Exports

It is our understanding that the TRA need to know which type of induction (Full, Core or School-based) each ECT is following so this will be added to the exports that are sent over to the TRA.


Pre-induction Checklist

If you want to add the pre-employment checklist or any other custom registration questions you can add these in two ways:

a) By using the Terms & Conditions box in the AB Preferences page, found in Settings. Add your T&Cs into the box and tick to make them active. Press save at the bottom of the page.  Your schools will then be asked to agree to these T&Cs before they can complete the registration form.  More information on this can be found here:


b) If you are on our Premium package you can add custom registration questions. There are two sets of these questions now, one for One Year NQTs/ECTs and one for Two Year ECTs. If you currently use custom registration questions please review these and ensure they are active.  Add any that you need to.  The information on this link will help:


As part of the pre-induction checklist you have to provide your ECTs with a named contact at the Appropriate Body, an easy way to this is to add this information to the 'welcome email' that is sent from the system to the ECT.  This email is sent to the ECT when you authorise their induction.  This email template contains their login details to the system, which they will still need, but you can add additional information into this email template as required.  For more information on email templates:


Fidelity Checks

We hope to have a section in the ECT record where you or your schools can upload the completed and signed off fidelity check form.  In the meantime you can make your fidelity check forms available for your schools in the Resources section, liaise with them direct to get this form completed and signed off.  More info will follow on this.  


Progress Reviews

Will be added to the system and work much the same as assessments do where the tutor completes the form online, the ECT can add their comments and the ECT & tutor sign the form.  Progress reviews will be in terms 1, 2, 4 and 5.  I am awaiting confirmation on the timing for part timers progress reviews.


There will be one set of questions for the progress review form, it is not possible to have a different set of questions for each term or year.    

Two questions will be general/master questions that are included on ALL progress reviews whether you have the standard or premium package, these are:

First question: At formal assessment points and to successfully complete induction, the ECT's performance against the Teaching Standards will be assessed.  Based on current performance and rate of progress, is the ECT on track to successfully complete induction by the end of their induction?  On track/Not on track

Last question: Is the ECT expected to remain at this school for the duration of the next term? Yes/No

If no, please provide leaving date (if known) 

and establishment where the ECT will continue induction (if known) 


The Standard package will use the DfE template form found in the 'Guidance for Appropriate Bodies document'.  You can customise the questions of the progress review if you are using the Premium package.   


We will alert you in the dashboard if there are any ECTs who are 'Not on track' from the response to the first question.



Timing of the assessments will change as stated in the guidance to the final term of the first year of induction (term 3) and the final term of the second year of induction (term 6).  You are able to state how many days before the end of term these assessments are due in - as you can now.  Part timers assessment dates will be calculated as they are now, taking into account their contracted days.  


Currently we have several general/master questions that are asked on ALL assessment forms whether they be on our standard package form or the premium customised forms, for example; tutor recommendation, asking the tutor if the ECT has had a personalised programme of support and monitoring throughout the assessment period, absence days, checking contract info, whether the ECT is staying at this school.  These general/master questions on all forms also ask the ECT if they have discussed the report with their tutor.  These general/master questions will remain on all forms.  We will add an additional question for the ECT to answer:

ECT's confirmation that they have continued to access a programme of support based on the Early Career Framework and received all of their statutory entitlements?  Yes/No

If no, please explain why an ECF-based induction has not been accessed or what statutory entitlements have not been met (free text box)


If you are on our Standard package the other assessment questions will be the same as the DfE template in the 'Guidance for Appropriate Bodies document'.  The standard question will no longer be the one question free text box for the tutor.  If you are on our Premium package you can choose to customise your assessment questions if you wish.  You can edit your existing custom questions if you wish to update your assessment form from September 2021.


Part Timers

Part timers will be set up on the system as per the guidance, i.e. if an ECT is on 0.5 contract their induction will take 4 years.  If you as the Appropriate Body, in agreement with the school and ECT, decide to shorten this induction period you will be able to adjust dates of the progress reviews and assessments as required.  


Absence days

Absence days will be updated in-line with the guidance.  More info to follow on this.