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Manage your courses easily online

NQT Manager was created to allow you to do your job whilst taking the strain of organising NQTs and their induction process. That’s why we have given you the ability to manage your NQT and Tutor Courses online without any of the hard work usually involved.

Setting up courses

Course set-up is easy and allows you to create your courses for NQTs or Tutors detailing course information, venue information, pricing, any booking references etc. You can even attach a flyer if you want to. When you’ve set up your courses they’ll be immediately available to the relevant NQTs and tutors. It really is that easy.

Booking courses

Once you’ve created them, your courses can easily be booked online. You decide who can book, you’re in control.

Course attendance

The system will produce a list of attendees which can be used as a signing-in sheet. You can confirm attendance on NQT Manager when the course has been run so you can be sure your records are fully up to date.

Manage cancellations

We know that people cancel before they attend your courses. You can set up your own cancellation policy, so if you want to charge for cancellation the system automatically adds it to the finance export.

Finance export

Create a finance export that makes it easy for you to invoice the relevant parties for each course you run. You don’t have to create separate spreadsheets, the information your accounts team needs is available at the press of a button.

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